The ColorEssence Experience

Your appearance can open doors you may not have even dreamed of…

Kailash Sozzani Color Essence ExperienceTwo days focused totally on YOU. You will discover a new way of looking and being that is an authentic expression of you (I call it ‘wearing your own feathers’). As an entrepreneur, your potential clients will see someone so radiant, confident and in harmony with themselves they can’t help but respond enthusiastically to what it is you offer.

This is NOT the one-dimensional, four-season ‘everyone-gets-the-same-colors’ system you may have heard about — nor is it a mass-produced, computer-generated version.

Instead, your personal color and design palette is one-of-a-kind, just like you! You’ll understand how to dress with confidence, in a way that reflects your unique spirit, color, and style and gives you a powerful presence and confidence you’ve never known before.

You will discover a treasure chest of personal design elements that enhance you and your body, including size and shapes for jewelry, prints and patterns, fabric types, necklines… and so much more!

You will recognize someone who you may have forgotten and has been longing to be seen… a ‘coming home’ to your authentic self.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just about color?

Kailash Sozzani Color Essence and Personal Color PaletteOh no… it’s a total transformation.

You will discover many things about yourself that you may have forgotten, or possibly never known. You will discover your authentic self on the inside and know how to project it on the outside.

You will discover and leave behind, beliefs and old patterns that no longer serve you and have kept you from being visible and expressing your unique femininity.

You will be able to step out of your ‘old box’ and start dressing and being in a way that authentically expresses the true you and gives you confidence to show up fully in your life and business.

ColorEssence is not just about color and clothes.

It is about who you are at your essence and how that is expressed through your personal colors, the design of your clothes and your unique style.

I’ve had my colors done before. How is this different?

Signature Color PaletteYour signature palette

I’ll create a palette specially designed for you, chosen from my collection of more than 4,000 swatches of a variety of colors and textures.

Each color chosen for you has an emotional and psychological influence on both you and the people you come in contact with. This gives you the opportunity to create a feeling inside yourself, and the response you want in any situation: marketing, speaking, meeting with clients, socializing and most importantly, with yourself!

Every color swatch is carefully selected to enhance the natural beauty of your unique coloring, hair, skin, eyes and personal energy. You’ll feel more beautiful and integrated — inside and out — than you ever have before!

Plus, you’ll learn about your body type, your balance points, the size and shape of your facial features… all will help you to know the kinds of shapes and fabrics that are best for you, the size and shapes for your jewelry and prints and patterns, as well as where to wear your necklaces and collar openings. Even the best shape for your glass frames!

It’s all about repeating what naturally exists on you and expressing your essence from the outside in and inside out. Total harmony.

Is there something that I can take with me to help me after our time together?

Personalized Shopping FanYour Personalized Shopping Fan

You’ll receive a shopping fan to keep in your purse, of your custom fabrics and color swatches, plus a book explaining how to use your new color palette any time you shop or get dressed.

Within your book is a treasure chest of personal design elements that outline in detail what shapes and styles of jewelry, prints and patterns, fabric types, clothing designs, types of necklines and more… flatter you and your body best. Imagine… no more guessing or worrying ‘does this make me look, frumpy or fat?’ when you get dressed each day!

Plus… this can all be used to create the look and feel of your home, as well.

Will you tell me about what to do with my hair and make up?

Kailash Sozzani Makeup and HairHair and Make-up Makeover

To accent the new you we’ll give your hairstyle and makeup a fresh
new look.

You’ll love how pretty you look and feel, without worrying that you look “over done.” You’ll look like “you” only better!

Do we go shopping together?

Working With KailashPersonalized Shopping Excursion

Many women have told me they disliked shopping because they didn’t know what to buy or they felt bad because they didn’t fit the current ‘look’ and couldn’t possibly fit into the dress size they were ‘supposed’ to be able to wear.

That’s because they’ve never shopped with me! You’ll feel like a queen as I expertly select clothes and accessories, creating a multitude of new outfits for you. You don’t need a big budget with me as your ColorEssence expert. Think about it: no more money wasted on clothes that you don’t like (and maybe never wear), once you get them home.

My clients are amazed at how much fun they have and they love how beautiful they feel from the inside out… and the outside in! You will leave with the recognition and joy of who you truly are and ready to step forward in your life in a new, authentic and integrated way.

Plus… Limo transport to and from the airport and lunch at a beautiful restaurant each day.

Kailash Sozzani and Happy Client Vicky SteinHow will this help me in my business?

You will walk tall and with new confidence.

You will gain a deeper sense of who you are and how to project that in the world personally and professionally.

When you dress in ‘your unique feathers’, you will connect with your divine femininity and be more empowered in your life and your business.

BONUS: Website Color and Design Coaching Call

Personalized Website Color PaletteEnsure Your Website Looks and Feels Like You!

Based on the impact you want your website visitor to have, I will create color combinations, along with a sample card of your personal colors to give to your web designer, so he/she will have the exact colors we choose.

This process will help ensure your website looks and feels like you and is the next best thing, before your visitors connect with you personally.

A special invitation:

I invite you to meet yourself… You may meet someone you’ve forgotten, never knew, or has been longing to be seen and heard.

No matter what, it’s a magical journey where many things, some surprising and others just ready to be discovered, are awaiting you.

If you’re feeling excited (and maybe even a little scared), and are ready to say goodbye to the old way of looking, thinking and feeling about yourself, and welcome the NEW, AUTHENTIC you with your ColorEssence Retreat… then let’s talk!

Contact me for a complimentary ColorEssence Discovery call!

”Every fabric, every cloth has its own beauty, its own feel. If you are sensitive, then the clothing is not just to cover your body; Then it is something expressing your individuality, your taste, your culture, your being. Everything that you do should be expressive of you; it should have your signature on it.
Then life becomes a continuous celebration.”
– Osho